SILVERWIND 22SS Summer Love Collection

Summer Love Collection

🏝What comes to mind when summer is calling? Sun, sand, sea and special memories? Dazzling light bouncing off blue, shimmering waves – sun-grilled sand, fine and warm to comfort your sore soles – the refreshing breeze catching the cool sea spray to cleanse and revitalize your exhausted soul…

This year, create your summer romance and special memories with us in our new 22 Summer Swim Collection – “Summer Love”👙☀️❤️

“Summer lovin’ had me a blast” – we think “Grease” captures the quintessential summer romance! Whether it's Sandy - a new girl in town who is sweet, wholesome, and cute - Rizzo - leader of the Pink Ladies who is tough, sarcastic, and outspoken - or Jan - who is funny, loud, and pushy - their youth and vitality is something we can all relate to!

As we grow older, we often face more challenges, responsibilities and commitments. We take on challenge after challenge to strive for a better life. We can feel lost, stressed, and depressed sometimes and start missing our teenage years when we had a free spirit and endless energy. This summer, we want to help you pick yourself back up, regain your energy, strengthen yourself, be peppy and stay young at heart! Our new collection brings a sense of new trends with a youthful, energetic and iconic vibe by incorporating microfloral patterns to symbolize new beginnings and summer fun!

Let’s enjoy the sunshine, smell the salty sea breeze, dive in cool waters and listen to the sounds of lapping waves. Whether on a solo trip to romanticize your own life, making summer memories with friends or getting ready to fall in love with someone, let’s stay young and fearless. Play, explore, and do what you love, and get some vitamin sea!

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