Spring & Summer Activewear Fashion Trends For 2024

Spring & Summer Activewear Fashion Trends For 2024

When talking about activewear or gym clothing today, we're not just satisfied with whether the clothes fit well - we also pay attention to their style and versatility for different occasions.

In the fashion world, styles and trends are constantly changing, including the trends for women’s activewear. In this blog, let's explore the latest spring-summer activewear trends in 2024, focusing on sustainable materials, trendy colors, pattern designs, and more!

Eco-friendly Materials and Fabrics

Carbon neutrality and sustainability will become the keywords for activewear trends in 2024. In terms of sustainable development, recyclable materials, bio-input technology, dyeing processes, natural fibers, and energy-saving production will lead the way.

As we look to nature for innovative inspiration, high-profile adaptive solutions continue to inspire fabric design. Dynamic textures that mimic natural surfaces influence outerwear and outdoor styles, while suppliers use nature-inspired solutions to modify harmful chemicals. For example, SILVERWIND uses RPET materials that are recyclable and free of chemical harm to make high-quality and sustainable activewear.

Eco-friendly Materials and Fabrics

Some fabrics are also designed with sun protection in mind. The materials with sun protection properties are used in sportswear, making them suitable for travel, outdoor sports, and other fields.

In addition, ruffles and mesh materials are also used in the design of summer workout clothes. This type of fabric helps add texture and is more lightweight and breathable. It is also suitable for expressive sports such as aerial yoga and dance.

mesh sports bras

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Trendy Colors

Say goodbye to monotonous black, white, and gray colors. From peach and mint green to lilac, icy blue and orange, we encourage you to apply some bold and expressive colors to your spring and summer active wear!

Peach Fuzz

Have you ever heard of Peach Fuzz? In the 2024 popular color list announced by Pantone, the international authoritative color organization, this color is particularly eye-catching and resonates strongly with people. It combines two tones of pink and orange, giving feelings of healing warmth while representing new hope. What’s more, the peach color has been used by major brands in new spring and summer clothing, and it is definitely the popular color for spring summer clothing in 2024. 

Pantone Peach Fuzz Trend Color

Icy Blue

This dreamy blue hue has been everywhere since the fall 2023 runway shows. It is one of the colors suitable for spring and summer clothing, giving people a cool and comfortable visual experience. As the weather gets warmer, icy blue gym clothes will keep you calm and cool during exercise.

Icy Blue Color Trends

Mint Green

Green is a symbol of vitality, health, and energy. A color close to light green - mint green, has become a popular color for this spring! As the new favorite of this spring limited fashion, mint green is not only a style, but also a positive attitude towards life with the courage to express yourself.

Eternity Mint green activewear
(Eternity set)

Soft Lilac

Lilac is a fresh, sweet, soft and elegant color. At the beginning of the year, lilac hues swept in like a spring breeze, infusing a refreshing style into women's wardrobes. Lilac comes from nature, perfectly blending the pink and white of cherry blossoms with the elegance of violets, showing the soft but uncarved beauty. It is perfect for spring and summer, representing a sense of relaxation and energy.

ButterySoft Lilac activewear set

(ButterySoft Lilac sets)

Vibrant Orange

Orange is a color that has always been popular and is one of the favorite hues for fashion designers. It represents vitality and enthusiasm, so it always goes well with activewear. Not only that, orange is also perfect for outdoor events and street fashion styles, like music festivals and outdoor parties.

 Glory High-waisted Flare Leggings

(Glory High-waisted Flare Leggings)

Dopamine Colors

The dopamine color that took the fashion world by storm last summer is here to stay this summer. It refers to colors that are bright, vibrant and inspire people with a sense of happiness. These colors attract our attention and make us feel excited and happy, resulting in the release of dopamine.

In our IWD Limited Collection, the Dopamine Butterfly set has been exceptionally popular. If you haven't indulged in dopamine-colored activewear yet, now's your chance!

Dopamine Butterfly High-Waisted Pocket Leggings-SILVERWIND

(Dopamine Butterfly Activewear Set)

Trendy Patterns

Using bold patterns to express your fashion statement, instead of being stuck with the solid color activewear. Whether it's fresh floral patterns, abstract plant designs, or wild animal prints, they will be one of this year's spring and summer fashion trends.

Floral Patterns

Spring is the season when all things revive and wildflowers bloom, and the activewear filled with various floral patterns also caters to the trends of the season. The floral pattern vividly displays the atmosphere of spring and summer with its fresh and natural style.

Find the best-selling floral pattern activewear, which is always the core element at SILVERWIND. In the upcoming 24SS collection, we will continue to incorporate this fashion element to enhance your sports style.

Meadow sports bra with workout shorts

(Meadow set)

Renewal workout sports bra with shorts

(Renewal set)

Botanical Prints

Compared with floral prints, these botanical prints are more artistic, bolder, and more diverse in style. Through the mass depiction of plants, flowers, fruits, and other botanical subjects, these prints come in a variety of shades, from vibrant to hyperrealistic. It is common in artistic paintings and prints. In these years, people are also keen to print them on clothing to represent the appreciation for the beauty and diversity of the natural world.

Darling Botanical Prints activewear

(Darling set)

Monet's Garden Botanical Prints workout activewear

(Monets Garden set)

Animal Prints

Animal prints continue to be a staple in fashion, making their way from fashion runways into graphic designs for sportswear. Like leopard and snakeskin with their wild charm, the animal prints bring a fierce and stylish edge to your athleisure wardrobe.

Animal Prints activewear ideas

SILVERWIND is launching a new collection of Animal Prints activewear soon. The collection incorporates classic and innovative wild animal textures, which will definitely surprise you. Keep looking forward and stay curious!


2024's activewear trends offer a perfect blend of style, sustainability, and functionality. Whether it's adopting eco-friendly and innovative fabrics, or embracing bright colors and refreshing prints, you can always find your own style. Even better, you'll find that these stylish activewear are no longer limited to the gym, they have hit the streets and even become a new favorite for travel and everyday wear!

Shop now and explore the latest activewear at SILVERWIND, matching these trends to create a fashionable and conscious wardrobe! If you’re a retailer and looking for the latest and most stylish activewear, check out our wholesale page to get in touch with us!

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