Silverwind’s first-ever Swim Collection – “Ocean Kiss”

Ocean Kiss Swim Collection

Feeling ocean breeze will put your mind at ease!

We are so excited to introduce Silverwind’s first-ever Swim Collection – “Ocean Kiss” – crafted from recycled fishing nets! These magical pieces have been made to protect our ocean!⁠

This collection is inspired by ocean waves and mysterious ocean residents. Each print has been handmade to capture the beauty, mystery and wildness of the ocean. It’s designed to show people how incredible the ocean is and in hope of calling on everyone to move with us and stand with our blue planet!⁠

We commit that each item made by Silverwind is made to LAST, and that extends to every piece of swimwear in our Ocean Kiss Collection. The fabric we use in our swimwear also offers SPF50 UV protection, allowing you to stay safe while you have fun in the sun!️⁠

We’d like our Ocean Kiss Collection to make you feel that you are being hugged and kissed by the ocean every time you wear it, and remind you that each piece you buy from us is helping save our planet! ⁠
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