How It All Started - a story of growth, loss and reflection

How It All Started - a story of growth, loss and reflection

Those of you who have been following us for a long time may remember that in December last year we experienced a big financial hit and a drastic personnel change that was nearly fatal to us. Struggling to keep the business running, we decided to follow the latest trends to reduce our risk so that we might have a chance to survive. As we expected, our sales slowly picked up, but little did we know that it was the beginning of losing our WHY, as these were not entirely 'our own' designs, and though sales rose in the beginning, they did not last long. After less than two months, sales stopped completely, and we returned to our original predicament.


The second failure seemed to be a bigger blow to the team.


We decided to take time off, to go out and disconnect from the overwhelming struggles of the business, and it was during those 5 days of wandering that we fell into contemplation. When we gazed into the crystal blue sky, when we breathed deeply the fresh air, when we surrounded ourselves in the greenery and beauty of nature, then we began to ask ourselves: isn't the original intention of our brand to make beautiful clothing and encourage everyone to embrace the beauty of nature, and bring out their inner strength to move forward? Deep down inside us, we still believed we could create something that we love and is appreciated by others. We returned to the office energised, and decided to re-explore our roots and trust ourselves again, leading to our 22SS Summer Love collection. We knew that no matter what the response was, our work was our own, something to be proud of and believe in, and thanks to all of you, our wonderful friends, our Summer Love collection was a huge success and allowed us to fully affirm our identity. We decided after this to officially rebrand in order to restate and confirm our values, and to set our creative souls truly free.


Our 22AW collection represents our truest selves after the rebrand, and we are so proud of it. After what we’ve been through, we’ve decided to name it 'JOURNEY'. In this collection, we drew on elements from Indigenous American style to symbolize the ORIGIN of life and humanity, and to remind you of your inner voice and the initial purpose of your journey. We applied the symbolism of the moon to indicate GROWTH and CHANGE along the way. Our designer painted beautiful patterns with incredible natural and mythical details, utilising the free-flowing life cycle of the dandelion, the perseverant transformation of the caterpillar, and the mystical imagery of forest goddesses to inspire you to find your strength and true self through the wisdom of nature. Moving beyond the Earth, the representation of galaxies in this collection is to create a meditation space for you to reconnect with yourself and with the rhythms and cycles outside of the hustle of modern living.


With a non-stop flow of information, never-ending responsibilities, and ever-present social pressures, we can often feel overwhelmed and lost. Through this collection, we want you to open all your senses to feel the journey you’ve come on and connect with the wisdom of nature. Let us take you on a journey of self-discovery in which you can pause, breathe, control your worries and find your true self.

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