Embrace Yourself, Embrace Change

We’ve all faced many challenges over the past two years. Those of us lucky enough to have kept our jobs have had to transition to working from home, often in less-than-ideal conditions, all while facing increased anxiety over our friends’ and families’ health conditions, and without the close personal contact we are all so used to having to bring us happiness and support.

However, while the pandemic has been a dark time for all of us, we at SILVERWIND are optimistic that the introspection and sense of community fostered during the isolation and lockdowns will produce change for the better going forward – the importance of green spaces in cities, the flexibility to work in a way which suits our needs, the need to combat loneliness, and the greater understanding of mental health issues have all been brought to the forefront, and we hope that our shared experiences will give us all a greater respect towards each other and our planet as our world reopens.

Our 21AW launch represents this theme of change through natural concepts. Though the seasons cause leaves to fall, warmth to fade, and days to shorten, so too do they allow for new life to break through, and for new perspectives of the world to be gained, so that everything may flourish once again in the next year. We are all like butterflies – our time in dark isolation, cocooned from the world at large, will eventually result in a beautiful transformation as we emerge stronger, kinder and more united to face the small and large challenges of today.

❤️From all of us at SILVERWIND, we hope you can break free from your dark days and find your light again! Remember to embrace yourself, and embrace change for the better🦋


Much love,

SW Team

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