7 Days Yoga Challenge During the Holiday Season

7 Days Yoga Challenge for Staying Active During the Holiday Season

As the exciting holiday season is coming, your schedule is more likely be filled with gathering, traveling, shopping, and holiday treats with your friends and families.

During the holiday season, you may find it difficult to stick to your fitness and workouts during this holiday season. Even if you can find a way to spare some time for exercise, but thinking about going to the gym, shortened gym opening hours might put you off.

With all the stress and anxiety coming from holiday planning and worrying about eating too much, yoga is definitely the best way and easy exercise to do at home.

Why You Need Holiday Yoga?

A simple reason is that yoga helps us relief stress and prevent weight gain the holiday season.

It always emphasizes the periodicity of practice and forming a good habit, so taking a week out to practice yoga would be the top choice of holiday exercise. It doesn’t even require any equipment except a yoga mat, with just 10-15 minutes a day, you can easily stay active and fit during the holiday season.

7 Day Yoga Challenge Workout Plan

To help keep your yoga routine on track, we have compiled a 7-day challenge plan for you, so you can use your vacation to still enjoy the relaxation and fun while staying healthy. After all, who wants to see the scale numbers increase and the body feel exhausted after the holidays?

Even better, you can work with our exclusive Yoga Challenge Workout Kit and follow us to complete the 7-days yoga challenge. When you complete all this plan, we will refund $49 to you as prize, which also serves as encouragement to keep working out during the holiday season!

7 Day yoga challenge workout kit
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Can't wait? Let’s together with our ambassador and yoga teacher Alexandra, to start the wonderful 7-Days challenge! Also, you can find the tutorial videos on her YouTube channel @AlexandraTempleton.

Day 1: Foundations of Yoga

On the first day of yoga practice, we can start with some simple and foundational poses, combine them with rhythmic breathing work. In this 10-minute exercise, we will practice the yoga poses such as Tadasana, Plank, Cow&cat pose, Child’s pose, and Downward Dog pose. If you’re a yoga beginner, check out this article to get more helpful tips.

Day 2: Balance and Core Strength

In this session, we’re focusing on balance and core strength training, using various poses and offering different variations to work different muscle groups like arm and leg. You can also use yoga blocks or thick books as props to improve your practice.

Day 3: Flexibility and Stretching

The third day’s yoga practice focused on deep stretching and flexibility, targeting the upper back, shoulders, and hips. We can engage in seated stretches and twists to enhance flexibility and mobility. Incorporate gentle poses such as tabletop and puppy pose for deep stretching. In the end, embrace the butterfly pose to promote hip flexibility and relaxation.

Day 4: Stress Relief and Relaxation

After a three-day yoga challenge, it's time to relief your stress. In this lesson, you can incorporate breath work and gentle twisting and stretching movements to calm your mind and body. Remember that skillful breathing can help you feel more relaxed and peaceful.

Day 5: Unlocking Hip Flexibility

Sitting and lying down for a long time during the holidays can easily cause discomfort in our hip and waist. In this Day-5 yoga session, we center around hip opening, incorporating a blend of dynamic movements to alleviate tension in the hip area. These postures are designed to promote flexibility, mobility, and relaxation in the hips.

Day 6: Strength and Inversions

In this yoga challenge, we focus on building strength and mastering inversions. The practice incorporates seated poses, high plank, downward facing dog, and dolphin pose, for the purpose of enhancing wrist and shoulder mobility, and shoulder opening. Finally, do the Child's pose to finish the exercise and adjust your breathing.

Day 7: Mindfulness and Gratitude

In this final session of the 7-day challenge, we offer a soothing and gentle yoga practice that centers on mindfulness, gratitude, and relaxation. It combines gentle postures, meditation, and breath work, with a strong emphasis on mindfulness and gratitude throughout the practice. You have the option to use a block for comfort during seated meditation.

So far, congratulations on completing the 7-days yoga challenge by Silverwind! Your body and mind will feel better and more energetic. Have a wonderful holiday full of energy!

5 Ways You Can Stay Healthy on Holiday Season

The way to stay healthy on holidays go beyond the yoga mat. If you find that yoga alone doesn't fully meet your holiday exercise needs, consider blending in one or more of the following ways to enhance your workout routine.

1. Holiday Walking and Jogging

Make the most of your spare time during the holidays by engaging in common exercises, such as walking and jogging. They also require no additional exercise equipment, just enjoy the exercise. In this way, you can not only enjoy the festival without burden but also enhance your exercise.

2. Outdoor Outings

Combine family gatherings with outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, or even ice skating. These activities offer an opportunity to engage in physical exercise while spending happy time with family.

3. Play Ball Games

Gear up in a comfortable workout set and dive into an exhilarating ball game. Whether it's badminton, table tennis with family, or joining friends for a game of basketball or football, these activities offer both the joy of sports and a satisfying workout.

4. Swimming

When you're in a hotel during your vacation, where you have access to a pool, consider swimming as an active and effective exercise. As a full-body workout program, it is a delightful way to achieve your holiday exercise goals.

5. Clean Your House

While it may not sound like traditional exercise, cleaning your house can be a great way to stay active during the holidays. The activities such as vacuuming, dusting, or organizing, can keep your body engaged and burn some extra calories.


Although exercising during the holidays might seem challenging, simple movements like yoga and outdoor activities can contribute significantly to staying active and fit.

From seated stretches to mindful poses, we've explored a holistic approach to well-being from 7-days yoga challenge. Remember to incorporate yoga and some varied activities into your holiday routine, to get a balance between festive enjoyment and a healthy, active lifestyle!

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