13 Best Fall Activewear & Yoga Clothes for Your Fitness Routine

13 Best Fall Activewear & Yoga Clothes for Your Fitness Routine

Autumn is a season of transformation, and that includes your fitness routine and fashion choices. As the leaves change colors and the air turns crisp, we say goodbye to the heat and sweat of summer, it's time to embrace the cozy and stylish world of fall workout outfits!

Immerse in the season of cozy fall vibes, we're excited to introduce the 2023 fall Roots collection! With comfortable fabrics and fitting silhouettes, these workout pieces are also great for lounging, working from home, running errands, and traveling.

Whether you want to add a new fashion element to your fall workout wardrobe, or you're looking for vibrant autumn outfits, we can cover your needs. Follow us to explore the new collection now!

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Fall Activewear with Autumn-inspired Patterns

During our work trip to Mexico last month, we explored the depths of the forest with a group of yoga enthusiasts, where we immersed ourselves in a yoga retreat and were inspired by the vast virgin forest -- our 2023 AW 'Roots' collection took root.

Inspired by autumn nature, we incorporated many natural colors into the pattern, such as moss green, deciduous brown, rock gray, and flower gold, making you feel like you are in a primeval forest covered with fallen leaves. These patterns add a touch of whimsy and nature's beauty to your fall workout outfits while keeping you in style. 

fall color pattern sports bras
fall color pattern flare leggings

We believe workout outfits are not limited to the gym, it can also be adapted to different outdoor occasions. To better integrate into different wearing scenes, we ditch the simple designs and create ingenious patterned sports bras and yoga pants leggings

The patterned activewear with vintage print, for example the Golden Paisleys set and the Lumen Weave Back set, adds a touch of elegant vintage style to your look. They are your favorite to wear on an autumn hiking, travel, or leisure. 

Violet is our favorite color at SILVERWIND. If you like our Violet Moonlight Strappy set, then you will definitely be attracted by the Herba Strappy Bra set. The piece continues the romantic violet tone and transports us to a forest of lush herbaceous plants. Paired with our matching flare high-waist leggings, they perfectly complement your elegance and style.

purple color pattern activewear
purple color pattern flare leggings

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Fall Activewear with Autumn Color Outfits

If you're a low-key fitness enthusiast or yogi who prefers a minimalist style, don't miss the fall colors clothes on our Roots collection to update your autumn wardrobe.

Soft Autumn Color Workout Outfits

Autumn is not as passionate and enthusiastic as summer, and sometimes, our body needs to calm down and explore the feeling of peace within. When it comes to clothing color selection, we tend to prefer cozy and soft tones.

For those who gravitate toward the soft and muted shades of autumn, you'll adore workout clothes in delicate hues like soft moss green and warm orange. These colors exude a gentle, soothing aura that's perfect for your yoga practice or morning run.

Check out our Light Green and Airflow Orange outfit in these soft autumn shades to create a harmonious ensemble and blend into the fall color palette! The ruched detail on the front gives you a cute autumn look while allowing for low or moderate-intensity sessions. The hem of the tops does not have traditional elastic bands, making you feel like in the airflow without restraint.

light green sports bra
fall color orange workout clothes

Dark Autumn Color Workout Outfits

When the season transforms from fall to winter, not only are these dark-toned fall garments perfect for your fall workouts, but they also pair well with your winter coats. If you're inspired by the rich, deep shades that autumn brings, consider the workout pieces in colors like deep red and rock gray. These colors encapsulate the warm and cozy essence of fall, making them an excellent choice for outdoor activities.

Choose our Airflow Dark Red or Dark Grey workout set in these deep autumn hues. The perfect supportive design makes you stay comfortable and snug during your fitness routine or yoga session.

dark red fall workout clothes
dark grey workout clothes

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Matching Long Sleeve Autumn Tops to Keep You Warm

As the temperatures get cooler, wearing a sports bra may not be warm enough while walking to the gym and warming-up. Long sleeve tops are a fantastic addition to your activewear, keeping you warm and offering style. They can help protect against wind and cold temperatures. They also provide a barrier against the sun in sunny conditions, helping to provide UV protection and preventing sweat.

A loose fit long-sleeve top can also be worn with a comfy outfit for casual wear. When you're at home doing chores or working, add a stylish lace-up long sleeve top to your workout outfit to keep warm; when you get ready for your workout routine at home, just take off the top easily. So very convenient! 

Check out the latest cowl neck long sleeve tops. The comfortable fabrics and loose-fitting design are sure to make you feel cozy. These matching long sleeve tops are also perfect for your morning run and outdoor adventure.

fall workout outfits with long sleeve top
light blue long sleeve top for fall

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As the leaves crunch beneath your feet and the golden sunsets paint the sky, we wish your fitness journey is as colorful as nature and the 13 best fall activewear pieces here are your perfect companions through your fitness journey. Incorporating autumn-inspired patterns and fall colors into your activewear collection, our Root Collection will make your fitness and yoga routine more exciting and stylish!

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