Women’s Activewear Inpired by Taylor Swift Era Tour Outfits

12 Latest Women’s Activewear to Celebrate International Women's Day

March is a special month of a year for women, as women we are proud to express ourselves on International Women’s Day. Female enterprisers, female scientists, female businessmen, female painters, female musicians... More women creating new shining points in different industries and fields, as well as making their own contributions to the true realization of gender equality.

At SILVERWIND, a women-owned activewear brand, we're proud to launch our limited collection to spread the message of true inclusion and empowerment on this International Women's Day. From different backgrounds to unique styles, we believe every woman possesses her own special charm that makes her shine bright.

If you’re excited about this, then follow us as we explore the latest IWD collection and feel empowered with these amazing activewear pieces!

SILVERWIND International Women's Day Collection

Drawing inspiration from the iconic style of Taylor Swift's Era Tour, this collection is a statement of strength, elegance, and the essence of femininity. Each piece’s design is carefully crafted to celebrate the multifaceted nature of women - their resilience, wisdom, and boundless creativity.

Within this exclusive International Women's Day collection, we unveil three key elements in the patterned designs: butterflies, serpents, and fairies.

These elements serve as profound symbols of the multifaceted power of women. Butterflies symbolize transformation and renewal, reflecting the ability of women to evolve and embrace change fearlessly. 

6 Best Womens Day Activewear Sets to Express Feminist

1. Dreamy Flight Leggings with Tank Top Bra

This Dreamy set was inspired by Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour <Lover>. She wore a fitting bodysuit adorned with blue, purple, and golden rhinestones, which looked enchanting under the stage lights. This mysterious activewear incorporates the same blue-purple tone, along with dreamy butterfly patterns, expressing our admiration for women's transformation and renewal.

taylor swift lover era outfits

(Image from Prestige)

The tank top has a strappy design on the back, which highlights the elegance of women. The leggings are soft and comfortable to enhance your athletic performance. When you put on this sportswear, you can feel the extremely soft fit and lightness like a flying butterfly.

Dreamy Flight workout outfits inspired by taylor swift

2. Dopamine Butterfly Leggings with Dopamine Bra

Dopamine pink outfit stood out prominently in this grand performance of Taylor Swift’s Lover Tour. From vibrant pinks to sparkling sequins, it is all about embracing love, joy, and self-expression. We incorporated it into the design of this Dopamine Butterfly set, and hope that it will bring you joy and awaken your spring vitality.

The top bra highlights the main body of the butterfly pattern, while the back and the high-waisted leggings creatively adopt a floodlight design and remain eye-catching. This vibrant color set will energize your workouts and become the best spring activewear for you!

Dopamine Butterfly workout outfits inspired by taylor swift

3. Emerald Vitality Leggings with Racerback Sports Bra

Drawing from the stable energy and precious value of emerald green gemstones, the Emerald Vitality activewear set expresses the continuous strength of women! What’s more, the rich shades of green also greatly connect with lush forests and nice nature.

Emerald Vitality Inspired by BULGARI
(Image From Pinterest@BULGARI)

In this Emerald Vitality set, the flowing golden light enhances the sense of luxury and fluidity. The top bra features a unique and smooth line cut design and provides good medium support, while the leggings add side pockets. They are perfect for flow yoga practice and outdoors that resonate with nature.

Emerald Vitality inspired by taylor swift eras tour outfits

4. Red Serpent Eclipse Leggings with Round Neck Tank Bra

Yes, you guessed it. This unique Red Serpent Eclipse set resonates with the fascinating snakes bodysuit Taylor Swift wore during the Eras Tour - Reputation Era. The difference is that Taylor opted for a style slithering down a single leg.

Taylor Swift’s Red Serpent Eras Tour Outfits(Image from Instagram@TaylorSwift)

The red serpent pattern adds a touch of enchanting danger to this outfit - serpents are smart, bold, and intimidating, just like women who are valiant, wise, and independent. We hope to express the image of women full of wisdom, independence, and courage through the pieces.

Unlike bright colors, black color gives us a solemn and calm feeling, while not lacking in personality. It is definitely a stylish statement that you can wear on different occasions.

Red Serpent set inspired taylor swift eras tour outfits

5. Noble Swan Leggings with Round Neck Tank Bra

The softness and white feathers of swans symbolize women who have noble, pure, delicate qualities. Inspired by Swan Lake, our designer drew this Noble Swan pattern activewear to celebrate their elegance and purity.

The swan stretches its feathers freely by the tranquil lake shore, as yogis follow their thoughts to perform a free yoga pose. This beautiful blue-purple workout set will resonate with your dance, yoga, and fitness training, while providing unparalleled comfort and support.

Noble Swan Purple activewear set

6. Fairy Garden Leggings with Square Neck Sports Bra

The Eras Tour in Las Vegas, Taylor Swift wore a royal blue sequined short dress which was deeply impressive and eye-catching. We used this unique royal blue color in this Fairy Garden set. The plants and starlight create a mysterious atmosphere, and the whimsical floral design transports you to a magical realm.

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Outfits royal blue sequined short dress
(Image From WWD)

What’s more, the flattering square neck bra reduces the complicated design, making your looks more simple and elegant. While the high-waisted leggings at the top place deepen the blue-purple tone, making your silhouette slimmer.

Fairy Garden set inspired by taylor swift eras tour

In this inspiring March, celebrate the strength, independence, confidence, and beauty of women with our latest collection of women’s activewear. Even better, we drew inspiration from Taylor Swift Eras Tour outfit ideas to create the perfect pieces, making your athletic style more trendy. If you’re ready to incorporate these good spirits into your life, explore SILVERWIND's 2024 IWD Limited Collection and add your favorite pieces now!

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