story behind SILVERWIND sustainable swimwear launch

Story Behind SILVERWIND 23SS Swimwear Launch

When SILVERWIND first began, we were driven by our deep passion for sustainability and eco-friendly fashion. We poured our hearts into creating fashionable activewear that not only looked great but also aligned with our values. As we ventured into the swimwear industry, we were acutely aware of the wastefulness and environmental impact that plagued the industry. We were determined to create a sustainable alternative that would help preserve our planet for future generations.


Our first attempt at creating a swimwear collection was met with disappointment and confusion. We had poured our hearts into designing swimwear that we believed were both fashionable and sustainable, but they just weren't selling. We had to offer a non-restocking sale in order to find a home for them. This first swimwear launch experience has left us feeling helpless and defeated, unsure of where we had gone wrong.


Determined to get it right and believed we have the ability to create swimwear that would be loved by us and our customers, we spent hundreds of hours researching and gathering feedback from our community and customers. We listened to their needs and preferences, and carefully crafted 16 unique swimsuit designs that catered to all tastes and styles, from the conservative to the daring.


However, our desire to launch all swimwear styles was hindered by a harsh reality - our small business couldn't hold and afford that much inventory and we don’t know the exact demand for each style. Moreover, we don’t want to create any more waste from producing all 16 styles with limited demand. Based on the last unsuccessful swimwear launch experience, we’ve learnt our lessons and decided to work closely with our partnered factory to launch a 14-day #MadeToOrder pre-sale campaign, which allows us to identify the most popular styles and produce only those designs so that we could avoid waste while meeting the needs of most customers and remaining within our budget.


The #MadeToOrder swimwear pre-order campaign will start on March 31st. If you see a style you love, we encourage you to pre-order it within the first two weeks as we will take those less popular styles off the shelf after the pre-order. All orders that are made during our pre-order campaign will be shipped within two weeks.


We believe this campaign will enable us to reduce waste by helping us make more conscious and accurate decisions about the final production process. By pre-ordering your favorite styles, you are making a conscious decision to support a sustainable future. We are humbled and grateful for your support and can't wait to see what we can accomplish together!


Click to select our perfect sustainable swimwear. Let's show the world that it's possible to create beautiful things without sacrificing the planet. Together, we can create a better and more sustainable future for all!

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